Digital Tools
PrimeFilm 3650u Scanner
This is a 35mm Negative/Slide scanner. Manual positioning, single image scanner. The USB 1 or 2 connection is efficient. The Cyberview X - SF software and user interface provide for scanning 35mm negatives or slides. Scanning resolution from 300 to 7200 DPI, defaults at 1800 DPI. Many selectable film types use predefined scanning conversions. Software includes Digital ICE 3. This is a set of tools that can selectively eliminate dust and scratches, film grain, and restore original color.
I primarily use it to scan color slides and I typically used Kodachrome film. The user manual informs you that ICE does not work reliably with that film emulsion. I can confirm this. The software provides numerous tools for color, levels, brightness, etc. I prefer to make most of those in Photoshop as I am more comfortable with those tools. It seems to work best with bright slides and struggles with low light exposures. I have successfully used the scanner to retrieve images dating back to the mid-1970's and for the price, I find it a useful tool.